A Gardener's Delight

Meet the Catharanthus roseus, a delightful little plant that's as mysterious as it is beautiful. Known by many names including 'Madagascar periwinkle', 'Old maid', and 'Rose periwinkle', this plant is a true gem of the garden, attracting colorful butterflies and pollinating insects alike.

Catharanthus roseus

Dappled To Full Sun

Flexible for areas with filtered light or plenty of sunshine.

Moderate Water Needs

Needs regular watering (multiple times a week), but can manage occasional variations.

Highly Adaptable to Various Soils

Thrives in clay, silt loam, or sand, showing great adaptability.

Acidic Soil Requirement

Prefers acidic soil conditions, may require soil amendments to maintain pH.

Moderate Human Safety Concerns

This plant may cause irritation or mild reactions.

Safe for Pets

No known safety risks to pets and livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Catharanthus roseus

The Catharanthus roseus is a compact plant, standing at a height of 0.5 to 1.5 feet and spreading about 0.6 to 0.8 feet wide. Its lime-colored leaves provide a stunning contrast to its vibrant flowers, which come in shades of canary, blush, violet, and snowy white. These flowers bloom during the harvest time and hot weather period, adding a splash of color to your garden when you need it most.

Despite its delicate appearance, the Catharanthus roseus is a tough little plant. It's known as an 'ephemeral plant', which means it has the ability to survive and thrive in challenging conditions.

Also known as

Cape periwinkle
Churchyard Blossom
Madagascar periwinkle
Madalena Blanco
Old Church Blossom
Old Maids Olleander
Old maid
Pink periwinkle
Red periwinkle
Rose periwinkle
Rosy periwinkle

Our design recommendations

The Catharanthus roseus is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of garden designs. Its compact size makes it perfect for urns or verandas, while its vibrant flowers make it a great choice for a mini-garden or trail. It's also a 'carpeting plant', which means it can cover large areas with its beautiful blooms. The Catharanthus roseus is a flexible plant that can thrive in a variety of locations. It can be planted in urns, on verandas, in recreation spaces, mini-gardens, or along trails. Wherever you choose to plant it, it's sure to add a touch of charm and color.