The Snowball of Mexico that Never Melts

Meet the Echeveria Elegans, a charming little plant that's as elegant as its name suggests. Known by many names such as the 'Mexican Snowball', 'Mexican-gem', 'Pearl Echeveria', and 'White Mexican-rose', this plant is a true gem that adds a touch of frosty charm to any garden.

Echeveria elegans

Partial To Full Sun

Can handle a mix of direct and bright light throughout the day.

Very Low Water Needs

Thrives in dry conditions (once every two weeks), rarely needs watering.

Prefers Loamy or Sandy Soils

Best in loamy or sandy soils. Rocky soil may pose moderate challenges.

Moderately Adaptable Soil pH

Can thrive in alkaline to neutral pH ranges.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects.

Low Safety Risks For Pets

This plant has minimal safety concerns for pets.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Echeveria elegans

The Echeveria Elegans is a non-woody perennial plant that stands about 3-4 inches tall and spreads 4-8 inches wide. Its thick, durable leaves are a beautiful blend of indigo, steel, and verdant colors. But the real showstopper is its flowers. Blooming in the winter season, the flowers burst into a vibrant display of golden, tangerine, and fuchsia hues.

Despite its frosty name, the 'Mexican Snowball' loves the sun and is native to semi-desert areas of Mexico.

Also known as

Mexican snowball
Pearl echeveria
White Mexican-rose

Our design recommendations

The Echeveria Elegans is perfect for a gathering of plants, adding a unique texture and color to any cluster planting. Its ornamental leaves and flowers make it a standout in any garden design. This plant is versatile and can thrive in a variety of locations. It's perfect for a tub or terrace setting, where its vibrant colors and unique shape can truly shine.