The Copper Rose of the Plant World

Meet the Echeveria Multicaulis, a perennial herb that's also known as the Copper-roses or Copperleaf. This long-lived, interior plant is a fat plant that's sure to add a touch of charm to any room.

Echeveria multicaulis

Partial To Full Sun

Can handle a mix of direct and bright light throughout the day.

Very Low Water Needs

Thrives in dry conditions (once every two weeks), rarely needs watering.

Prefers Loamy or Sandy Soils

Best in loamy or sandy soils. Rocky soil may pose moderate challenges.

Moderately Adaptable Soil pH

Can thrive in alkaline to neutral pH ranges.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects.

Safe for Pets

No known safety risks to pets and livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Echeveria multicaulis

The Echeveria Multicaulis is a small but mighty plant, standing at a height of 4-10 inches and spreading out to a width of 4-6 inches. Its durable, eye-catching leaves are a beautiful mix of slate and lime colors. But the real showstopper is its flowers. Blooming in peak season, these eye-catching flowers are a stunning mix of golden, tangerine, and ruby hues.

Did you know that Echeveria Multicaulis is part of the Crassulaceae family, which includes over 1,400 species of succulent plants? Now that's a big family!

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Our design recommendations

The Echeveria Multicaulis is a versatile plant that can be placed in a vessel or used as a room plant. Its compact size and vibrant colors make it a great addition to any indoor space.