The Dazzling Daisy with a Twist

Say hello to the Gerbera jamesonii, a vibrant and versatile plant that's more than just your average daisy. Known by a variety of names such as the African daisy, Barberton daisy, and even the Flame-ray daisy, this plant is a true showstopper in any garden.

Gerbera jamesonii

Partial To Full Sun

Can handle a mix of direct and bright light throughout the day.

Low Water Needs

Requires occasional watering (once a week), resilient to some dryness.

Clay or Sandy Soils Preferred

Grows in clay or sandy soils, which can present challenges in soil structure and stability.

Moderately Adaptable Soil pH

Can thrive in acidic to neutral pH ranges.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects.

Low Safety Risks For Pets

This plant has minimal safety concerns for pets.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Gerbera jamesonii

Standing at a modest 1 to 1.5 feet tall and wide, the Gerbera jamesonii is a compact plant that packs a punch. Its emerald leaves provide a stunning backdrop to the sunlit, peach, and maroon flowers that bloom in the summertime and autumnal period. These bouquet-suitable flowers are not only ornamental but also have a lengthy blooming period, ensuring your garden stays vibrant for longer.

Did you know that the Gerbera jamesonii is also known as the Transvaal daisy? This is because it originates from South Africa's Transvaal region, also known as the 'Land of the Rising Sun'.

Also known as

African daisy
Barberton daisy
Flame-ray daisy
Transvaal daisy
Veldt daisy

Our design recommendations

The Gerbera jamesonii's compact size and vibrant flowers make it a perfect choice for cluster planting. Its ornamental leaves and flowers add a pop of color to any garden, while its perimeter design feature allows it to beautifully line walkways or define the edges of a garden bed. Whether you're a seaside dweller or a city resident with a compact area, the Gerbera jamesonii is a great fit. It thrives in pots, making it an excellent room plant, and its hardy nature allows it to flourish on trails as well.