The Scarlet Star of Your Indoor Garden

Say hello to the Guzmania lingulata, a plant that's as fun to grow as it is to say! Also known as the Droophead tufted airplant or Scarlet star airplant, this vibrant beauty is ready to bring a pop of color to your indoor garden.

Guzmania lingulata

Shade To Partial Sun

Versatile for varying light, from low to moderate sun.

Moderate Water Needs

Requires balanced watering. Not too wet, not too dry.

Epiphyte - No Soil Needed

As an epiphyte, this plant doesn't require soil and grows on other plants or surfaces.

Epiphyte - pH Not Applicable

Epiphytes don't rely on soil pH, as they grow on other plants or surfaces.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects or skin irritation risks.

Safe for All Animals

No known safety risks to pets or livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Guzmania lingulata

The Guzmania lingulata stands proud at a height of 1-2 feet and a similar width. Its striking olive leaves form a rosette, creating a stunning backdrop for its ruby and milky flowers that bloom around midyear. This ornamental plant does not produce any fruits, but its vibrant flowers more than make up for it.

Did you know that the Guzmania lingulata is a bromeliad? That's right, it's part of the same family as the pineapple!

Also known as

Droophead tufted airplant
Scarlet star airplant

Our design recommendations

This plant is a perfect addition to your indoor plant collection. It thrives as a room plant, adding a touch of tropical flair to your living space.