The Colorful Charm of the Wild Sage

Meet the Lantana Camara, a plant that's as versatile as it is vibrant. Known by many names such as Wild Sage, Shrub Verbena, and Cherry Pie, this plant is a true chameleon of the garden, offering a delightful mix of colors and fragrances.

Lantana camara

Full Sun

Specific light requirements are not available.

Moderate Water Needs

Needs regular watering (multiple times a week), but can manage occasional variations.

Highly Adaptable to Various Soils

Thrives in clay, silt loam, or sand, showing great adaptability.

Neutral Soil pH Preference

Prefers a neutral pH, common in many soils.

Moderate Human Safety Concerns

This plant may cause irritation or mild reactions.

Safe for Pets

No known safety risks to pets and livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Lantana camara

The Lantana Camara stands at a height of 1 to 6 feet and spreads out to a width of 3 to 5 feet. Its leaves are a unique olive color and give off a distinct odor. But the real showstopper is its flowers. Blooming from midyear to autumn, they come in a variety of colors including lemon, apricot, salmon, lilac, and snowy white, making every plant a mini rainbow.

Did you know that the Lantana Camara is a favorite among pollinating butterflies and nectar-feeding birds? So, planting one in your garden is like sending an open invitation to these beautiful creatures.

Also known as

Black Sage
Bush Lantana
Cherry pie
Common lantana
Kamara lantana
Largeleaf lantana
Nettleleaf shrubverbena
Scrubby Cup
Scrubby Tree
Shrub verbena
Statia Sage
Sweet sage
The indien
Ubuhobe besikhiwa
West Indian Lantana
Wild Lantana
Wild sage
Wild sage bush
Yellow Sage

Our design recommendations

The Lantana Camara is perfect for creating a focal point in your garden. Its vibrant colors and cluster planting design make it a standout. Plus, its extended flowering period ensures your garden stays colorful for longer. This plant is quite adaptable and can thrive in various locations. It's perfect for seaside gardens, tub plantings, overhead planters, and even as an indoor plant. It's also a great choice for patios, thanks to its compact size.