The Bunny Ears Cactus That's More Than Just a Pretty Face

Say hello to Opuntia microdasys, a plant that's as charming as its many names suggest. Known as Angel's wings, Bunny Ears, and even Golden-bristle cactus, this plant is a delightful addition to any indoor greenery or urn.

Opuntia microdasys

Full Sun

Can grow in full sun conditions.

Low Water Needs

Thrives in dry conditions. Ideal for low-maintenance gardens or forgetful waterers.

Sand Specialist

Thrives in sandy soils, requiring moderate care and preparation.

Moderately Adaptable Soil pH

Can thrive in multiple pH ranges.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects or skin irritation risks.

Safe for All Animals

No known safety risks to pets or livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Opuntia microdasys

The Angel's wings cactus is a bushy, drought-resistant plant that stands at a height of 2-3 feet and spreads out to a width of 4-6 feet. Its jade-colored leaves are a sight to behold, but the real showstopper is its striking lemon-colored flowers that bloom in pre-summer. And if that's not enough, wait until you see the plum and crimson fruits that follow!

Despite its prickly appearance, the Angel's wings cactus is actually a softie at heart. It's named 'Bunny Ears' not just because of its shape, but also because it's as harmless as a bunny - its golden bristles are not as sharp as they look!

Also known as

Angel's wings
Bunny Ears
Bunny-ears prickly-pear
Golden-bristle cactus


While the plant itself is not edible, its flowers can be cooked and enjoyed in various dishes.

Our design recommendations

With its unique shape, vibrant colors, and drought-resistant nature, the Angel's wings cactus is a popular choice for cluster planting. It adds a touch of whimsy and a pop of color to any garden design. This plant is perfect for indoor greenery and urns. It's also a great choice for drought-prone areas, as it requires minimal watering.