A Burst of Color in Your Garden

Meet the Oxalis Articulata, a delightful plant that's as versatile as it is vibrant. Also known as the Pink Sorrel or Purple Wood-sorrel, this plant is a true gem in any garden, adding a pop of color and a touch of whimsy wherever it grows.

Oxalis articulata

Partial To Full Sun

Can handle a mix of direct and bright light throughout the day.

Very High Water Needs

Requires frequent watering and prefers consistently moist to wet soil.

Prefers Loamy or Sandy Soils

Best in loamy or sandy soils. Rocky soil may pose moderate challenges.

Moderately Adaptable Soil pH

Can thrive in multiple pH ranges.

Moderate Safety Concerns

Toxic if ingested, handle with caution. Toxic if ingested.

Safe for All Animals

No known safety risks to pets or livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Oxalis articulata

The Oxalis Articulata is a carpeting plant, growing to a height and width of approximately 6-8 inches. It boasts jade and maroon leaves that are as nutritious as they are beautiful. But the real showstopper is its flowers. Blooming in harvest time and springtime, they come in a range of colors from golden to fuchsia, lilac, and alabaster. Truly, a sight to behold!

Despite its delicate appearance, the Oxalis Articulata is a hardy plant. It's also known as 'Sour-grass' due to the tangy flavor of its leaves.

Also known as

Jointed woodsorrel
Large-leaf wood-sorrel
Pink Oxalis
Pink Sorrel
Pink shamrock
Purple wood-sorrel
Shamrock oxalis
Windowbox woodsorrel


Not only is this plant a feast for the eyes, but it's also a treat for the palate. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible, with the leaves offering nutrition and the flowers providing a unique culinary experience.

Our design recommendations

The Oxalis Articulata is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of garden designs. It's particularly effective as a carpeting plant, providing a lush, colorful ground cover. It also makes a lovely potted plant, adding a touch of nature to your indoor spaces. This plant thrives in domestic plants, sod, and untamed spaces. It's also a great addition to window boxes, where its vibrant flowers can be fully appreciated.