More Than Just a Garnish!

Meet Petroselinum crispum, better known as common parsley. This verdant beauty is more than just a garnish on your dinner plate. It's a culinary superstar, a medicinal marvel, and a butterfly magnet!

Petroselinum crispum

Full Sun

Specific light requirements are not available.

Moderate Water Needs

Needs regular watering (multiple times a week), but can manage occasional variations.

Prefers Loamy or Sandy Soils

Best in loamy or sandy soils. Rocky soil may pose moderate challenges.

Highly Adaptable Soil pH

Suitable for all pH environments, from acidic to alkaline.

Moderate Human Safety Concerns

This plant may cause irritation or mild reactions.

Safe for Pets

No known safety risks to pets and livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Petroselinum crispum

Common parsley stands proud at 1-2 feet tall and spreads about 1-1.5 feet wide. Its vibrant green leaves not only add a pop of color to your garden but also emit a sweet fragrance that's hard to resist.

Did you know that parsley was used in ancient times as a medicinal plant? It was believed to have healing properties and was often used in remedies for various ailments.

Also known as

Common Parsley
Common garden parsley
Curled Parsley
Garden parsley


Absolutely! Common parsley is not just edible, it's delicious. It's a staple in kitchens around the world, used in everything from soups to salads to sauces.

Our design recommendations

With its lush green leaves and compact size, common parsley is a great choice for urns or mini-gardens. It's also a fantastic indoor plant, bringing a touch of nature into your home. Common parsley is a versatile plant that can thrive in a variety of locations. It's perfect for urns, indoor plants, and mini-gardens.