A Symphony of Colors in Your Garden

Meet the Sarracenia leucophylla, a carnivorous charmer also known as the Crimson Pitcherplant, Purple Trumpet-leaf, or the White-top Pitcherplant. This long-lived herb is a regional plant that adds a dash of drama and a pop of color to any garden.

Sarracenia leucophylla

Full Sun

Specific light requirements are not available.

Moderate Water Needs

Needs regular watering (multiple times a week), but can manage occasional variations.

Prefers Loamy or Sandy Soils

Best in loamy or sandy soils. Rocky soil may pose moderate challenges.

Acidic Soil Requirement

Prefers acidic soil conditions, may require soil amendments to maintain pH.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects.

Low Safety Risks For Pets

This plant has minimal safety concerns for pets.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Sarracenia leucophylla

The Sarracenia leucophylla stands tall at 1-3 feet, with a width to match. Its spectacular leaves are a visual treat, showcasing a vibrant palette of lime, lilac, scarlet, and snowy hues. Come springtime, it flaunts eye-catching, perfumed maroon flowers that are sure to turn heads. But don't be fooled by its beauty, this plant is a meat-eater, attracting honeybees, night-flying moths, and other nectar gatherers with its sweet scent before trapping them in its trumpet-like leaves.

Did you know that the Sarracenia leucophylla is one of the few plants that can 'eat' meat? It uses its trumpet-shaped leaves to trap and digest insects, getting essential nutrients from its unsuspecting prey!

Also known as

Crimson pitcherplant
Purple Trumpet-leaf
Purple trumpetleaf
White-top pitcherplant

Our design recommendations

With its striking appearance, the Sarracenia leucophylla is perfect as the center of attention in your garden. Its vibrant colors and unique shape make it a standout feature in any landscape design. Whether it's placed in a cluster or standing alone, this plant is sure to steal the show. The Sarracenia leucophylla thrives best in a tub or pool landscape location. It loves a moist environment, so make sure it's placed somewhere with plenty of water.