The Lamb's Ear Plant

Get ready to be charmed by the Stachys Byzantina, a plant so soft and fuzzy, it's also known as the Lamb's Ear. This delightful plant is a favorite among garden enthusiasts and children alike, thanks to its unique texture and playful names.

Stachys byzantina

Partial To Full Sun

Can handle a mix of direct and bright light throughout the day.

Low Water Needs

Thrives in dry conditions. Ideal for low-maintenance gardens or forgetful waterers.

Adaptable but Rocky Soil Challenging

Adapts well but may find rocky soils challenging due to physical effort needed for planting.

Highly Adaptable Soil pH

Suitable for all pH environments, from acidic to alkaline.

Safe For Humans

No known toxic effects or skin irritation risks.

Safe for All Animals

No known safety risks to pets or livestock.


Ease Of Care Score


Safety Score

About Stachys byzantina

The Lamb's Ear plant is a carpeting plant that stands about 1-1.5 feet tall and spreads to a similar width. Its leaves are the star of the show, with a slate to emerald color and a wonderfully soft, woolly texture that has to be felt to be believed. In peak season, the plant produces odoriferous flowers in shades of fuchsia and lilac, adding a pop of color to your garden.

Did you know that the Lamb's Ear plant is a magnet for fluttering butterflies? Plant one in your garden and enjoy your very own live butterfly show!

Also known as

Woolly Betony
Woolly Hedge-Nettle
Woolly Hedgenettle
Woolly Stachys

Our design recommendations

The Lamb's Ear plant is incredibly versatile in garden design. Use it as a focal point in your garden, or plant it in groups for a lush, carpet-like effect. Its soft texture and unique leaf color make it a great choice for boundary plantings, adding a touch of whimsy to your garden. The Lamb's Ear plant is a great choice for tub plantings, untamed spaces, play areas, and garden aisles. It's a hardy plant that can thrive in a variety of locations.