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Meet the Echeveria Elegans, a charming little plant that's as elegant as its name suggests. Known by many names such as the 'Mexican Snowball', 'Mexican-gem', 'Pearl Echeveria', and 'White Mexican-rose', this plant is a true gem that adds a touch of frosty charm to any garden.
Meet the Hemerocallis fulva, a perennial herb that's as charming as it is versatile. Known by many names such as the 'Common Day-lily' or 'Tawny Daylily', this plant is a delightful addition to any garden. Its vibrant apricot flowers and emerald leaves are a sight to behold, attracting fluttering butterflies and hovering birds alike.
Meet the Hoya Pubicalyx, a plant that's as fun to grow as it is to say! This charming climber is a show-stopper in any garden, with its striking verdant leaves and spectacular coral pink flowers. And did we mention it's drought-resistant? Talk about a tough cookie!
Get ready to be charmed by the Mandevilla sanderi, more commonly known as the Brazilian-Jasmine. This vibrant creeper is a showstopper, attracting fluttering butterflies, tiny birds, and flower visitors with its striking blooms.